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13 comments on “Testimonials

  1. ank75

    Заказывал витамины SWISSE для себя и жены с дочерью (мультивитамины и LIVER DETOX) . Качество отличное, заказ доставлен вовремя, никаких вопросов по обслуживанию!!! Буду пользоваться в дальнейшем обязательно. Рекомендую.

  2. Mel23

    “A’kin Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C 20ml”
    -Absolutely love this oil. The blend of oils with the vitamin c is just beautiful. I find the consistency of this much lighter than the Rose hip oil on its own. I’ve been using this for almost 3 years now and it’s made my skin look brighter, has reduced pigmentation and is just a great all round hydration booster for morning and night. I’ve used some other more expensive vitamin c serums on the market and honestly have found this one just as good if not better! Some of the other vitamin c serums I’ve used have irritated my skin! This oil is so gentle on my sensitive skin and does what I want it too! Couldn’t be without it! Love it!”
    by Mel23.

    1. Christina Woodward

      Thank you for your enquiry. The Blackmores Mega B product has not been formulated with pregnancy in mind and as such, we do not recommend its use during pregnancy unless it is being taken under the supervision of a health care professional. We do recommend Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold to meet your nutritional requirements during pregnancy.
      I hope you find this information useful.